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no nasties

natural kids makeup

No Nasties is Australian-owned company crafting entirely natural kids' play makeup and plant-based hair care products, along with items for home and body care!

For Play, Not Stay

Non-Toxic Kids' Scratch-Off Nail Polish

No Nasties Kids nail polish is all about fun and play! Designed to be easy to remove—it's made for play, not stay! That means it washes off with water, and you don't need any nail polish remover. No sticky adhesives here! Just paint your nails, have fun, and when you're ready for a change, simply wash it off. It's as easy as that! No Nasties nail polish is gentle on little nails and easy for kids to use, so you can experiment with different colors and styles without any fuss. Let your creativity shine with No Nasties Kids nail polish—safe, washable, and perfect for playtime!

Cherry Scented Kids Polish

Naturally Fragranced: No Nasties Kids scented formula is full of awesome natural fragrances that children love.

Non-Toxic Kids Nail Polish

This polish is easy to use, simply apply few coats, allowing them to dry in between for a gorgeous polish that is easily removed.

Water-Based Nail Polish

Have hours of fun creating the prettiest of purple nails, then scratch them off and repeat! No nail polish remover required!

Fruity Scented Kids Polish

Non-toxic polish not only looks great but also smells amazing, thanks to delightful scents that make nail painting even more fun.

No Nasties Kids Nail Stickers

nail art should be safe and super fun!

Get ready to jazz up those nails with No Nasties Kids nail stickers—because nail art should be safe and super fun! Let your creativity shine with No Nasties Kids nail stickers—stick, play, and smile!


Add a little shimmer and shine to your little one’s day

Kids love to explore the world around them, and mums’ makeup cabinet is no different! Let them have a ball with their very own kids' makeup sets and rest assured that the ingredients are the safest available, and even better, super easy to wash off!

Natural Pretty Play Makeup

Made from natural ingredients with no nasties, they are all vegan, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, safe and so easy to wash off.

Pressed Powders

No Nasties hypoallergenic makeup is made with the safest ingredients, so kids can dive into their own makeup adventure without a worry.

Flavoured Lip Gloss

Packed with nourishing ingredients specially chosen to be gentle on young skin. It's like a tasty treat for your lips, without any of the bad stuff.

Natural Makeup Palette Kit

Crafted from pure natural ingredients. Plus, they're super easy to wash off! Enjoy worry-free playtime with makeup that's as gentle as it is fun.

Save your special makeup brushes Mumma! 

Hypoallergenic Kids Makeup Brush Set

Introducing the Twinkle Sprinkle Makeup Brush Set—featuring 5 soft, hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free brushes. Each brush comes with sprinkle-filled handles, making them bright, happy, and easy to spot even under a pile of toys.

And just to clarify: no, you can't eat the sprinkles! They're for brushing on fun and fabulousness, not for snacking.


SLiCK KiDS - natural plant-based formulas

No Nasties hair products are a breath of fresh air for your hair care routine. Formulated with natural and gentle ingredients, our products are free from harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Whether it's nourishing hair detangler or styling gel, each product is designed with your hair's health and the environment in mind. Enjoy beautiful, manageable hair without the nasties!

Detangler Kids Hair Brush

Say hello to the detangling hair brush with a revolutionary, life-changing design! It's like having five different types of brushes all rolled into one.

Plant Based Kids Hair Gel

Your ticket to medium hold and brilliant shine! Packed with natural ingredients like Lilli Pilli for added shine and fullness, and Emu Apple for rich gloss and anti-frizz magic.

Detangling Strawberry Spray 

Natural/plant-based detangling spray! This magical spray makes brushing or combing a breeze, preventing breakage and tears. Scent of fresh Sweet Strawberries

Elastic Bobble Hair Ties

Hair can be easy! Mornings and lunch rushes are smoother with hair bobbles. They make styling quick and cute—just wrap and go! So simple, even dads can do it!