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Programme Highlights

*Lists school uniform and suggest items for parents/students*

*Gives commission on referral sales online*

*Helps new dancers find your dance school*

By paying commission through school referrals we hope to support and partner with dance schools to keep working and growing together.

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Teachers Programme

This programme allows dance Teachers to make commission on all sales made on using their school referral.

Whether students are buying their ballet uniforms or just shopping fashion dancewear ... you will earn commission from all purchases! 

It is as easy as that! 


About the programme

Throughout the years Dance World has built strong relationships with dance teachers and studios alike. Now more than ever the dance community needs support to push through these unprecedented times. By paying commission through school referrals we hope to support and partner with dance schools to keep working and growing together. 

Uncapped earning potential! 

Teachers will earn 5% commission on online sales through

Commission can be earned on ALL products on our website, not just uniform listings. Once a customer has followed your registration link, all purchases made via this link will result in earning commission for that school. 

This offer is available online only.  

Different materials need different types of care so it’s important to know what your shoes are made of so that you can maintain them correctly.


Why should I take part? 

The Dance World Teachers Programme is 100% free to join and easy to set up. In addition to earning commission, teachers will also benefit from their school being listed on our website; prospective students will be able to learn about your school and contact you directly. 

The Teachers Programme will also remove the stress of ordering on behalf of students. Say goodbye to inventory, customer service and chasing orders. 

Teachers will be paid directly into their PayPal account. This payment will occur in the middle & at the end of each year or as per the request of the teacher. Alternatively, teachers can choose to receive commission as online store credit to buy equipment such as ballet barres, dance shoes or even dancewear for themselves! 


step one

Follow the link to the form and submit your application. A member of our team will contact you when your application has been approved and completed.

step two

Dance World will set up your School uniform page with your uniform and any details you wish listed - we will include your unique shopping link.

step three

Once approved & completed, you will receive your personal dashboard login with instructions, referral links, marketing materials and much more.

step four

Start earning! Commission will be calculated from all purchases made via your link. Simply notify your students and make your unique referral link easy to access.


Terms and Conditions


The Teachers Programme is open to any dance schools, studios or companies who recommend Dance World.  To join the programme, your company must be registered with the CRO and have a business bank account. We reserve the right to approve or reject any applications. 

By submitting your application and participating in the programme you agree to comply with all terms and conditions set out in this document.  

Payments and fees 

Payments will be processed in the middle and at the end of each year. Commission will not be earned on postage and carriage costs. Payments can only be made a minimum of 30 days after each purchase.

Payouts can be made via PayPal acccount or as online store credit, which can be set up when opening account. Applicants who choose payouts as PayPal will be paid twice a year - the middle & end of the year or as per the teachers request. Online store credit payouts will be done as requested by Teacher.

Dance World are not responsible for any incorrectly used links or coupons. When used correctly, only legititmate referral links will track payouts.


As participants are receiving compensation for referrals it is imperative that applicants inform clients that they are earning commission. This needs to be clearly communicated to your followers, clients, and students on your website or via email. If posting on social media hashtags such as #AF can be used to notify followers. 


Dance World may, in its sole discretion, change or modify these terms and conditions at any time, with or without notice. If any modification is unacceptable to participants, its sole recourse shall be to terminate the agreement. The applicants continued participation in the programme will constitute binding acceptance of such modifications.


The applicant may terminate participation in the programme with immediate effect by giving Dance World written notice of termination. Upon termination, the participant will forfeit all potential or unpaid fees. Their page and referral option will be removed from the website.  

Dance World reserves the right to terminate the participation in the Teachers Programme at any time for conduct that is in breach of terms and conditions or for conduct that Dance World, in its sole discretion, deems to be harmful to its business or any third party.