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Hair Accessories.

Have you got all the hairpins and bun nets you need? Missing something to style your hair to perfection? Well look no further; our selection of hair accessories has got you covered! Pick up all the hair essentials here and thank yourself later!

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Product type
Product type
Smooth StickSmooth Stick
The Smooth Company
Smooth Stick Sale price€16,99
Professional Styling Comb - 4 in 1 Smooth Styler4 in 1 Smooth Styler Professional Styling Comb
Mane Master™ Curved Smoothing Hair BrushMane Master™ Curved Smoothing Hair Brush
Foldable Smoothing Travel BrushFoldable Smoothing Travel Brush
Sheer Ballet Bun Nets - TH 046Sheer Ballet Bun Nets - TH 046
Detangler Kids Hair BrushDetangler Kids Hair Brush
All Natural Detangler SprayAll Natural Detangler Spray
Sold outPlant Based Kids Hair Gel
Bobbles Elastics SetBobbles Elastics Set
No Nasties
Bobbles Elastics Set Sale price€12,50
Ballet HeadbandBallet Headband
Ballet Headband Sale price€2,95
Bobby Pin and Hair Pin Set - Style 1557
Ballet Bun Doughnut, Small Bun Buddy - 1521Ballet Bun Doughnut, Small Bun Buddy - 1521
Invisible Ballet Bun Hair Nets - 1548Invisible Ballet Bun Hair Nets - 1548
Super Strong Hair Pins - A 0806Super Strong Hair Pins - A 0806
Two Inch Hair Pin Pack - 0805Two Inch Hair Pin Pack - 0805
Hair Kit For Dance Bun - A0075Hair Kit For Dance Bun - A0075
Hair Kit - A 0801Hair Kit - A 0801
Sold outSnow Hairpins - A0125
Snow Hairpins - A0125 Sale price€16,00
Sold outBallerina Hair Grips - A0126
Bobby Pins - TH 044Bobby Pins - TH 044
Tech Dance
Hair Pins - TH 044 Sale price€2,75
Crochet Bun Cover - E 8956Crochet Bun Cover - E 8956
Bun Doughnut - TH 045Bun Doughnut - TH 045
Ballet Bun Doughnut, Large Bun Buddy - 1522
Waved Hair Pins - TH 043
Black Waved Hair Pins - TH 042
Perfect Ballet Bun - Hair Accessories TinPerfect Ballet Bun - Hair Accessories Tin
Hair Elastics - A 0807Hair Elastics - A 0807
Hair Elastics - A 0807 Sale price€2,50
Ylvi Hair Chalk - 012112Ylvi Hair Chalk - 012112
Princess Mimi Scrunchie Set - 0011606Princess Mimi Scrunchie Set - 0011606
Crown Hair Band - 0011923Crown Hair Band - 0011923
Princess Mimi Hairclips - 0012174Princess Mimi Hairclips - 0012174
TOPModel Hair Chalk Pens - 0012412TOPModel Hair Chalk Pens - 0012412
Diamante BowDiamante Bow
Diamante Bow Sale price€15,00
Hairbrush BEAUTY & ME - 0012344Hairbrush BEAUTY & ME - 0012344
Princess Mimi Super Cute Hairbrush - 0012633Princess Mimi Super Cute Hairbrush - 0012633
Hair Chalk Pens BEAUTY & ME - 0012697Hair Chalk Pens BEAUTY & ME - 0012697
TOPModel Elastic Hairband Set - 0012698TOPModel Elastic Hairband Set - 0012698
Princess Mimi Hair Clips - 0012701Princess Mimi Hair Clips - 0012701
Princess Mimi Hair Accessoires - 0012478Princess Mimi Hair Accessoires - 0012478
Sold outHair Accessories Tin - ZIP4
Hair Elastics - SetHair Elastics - Set
Hair Elastics - Set Sale price€2,00
Hair Floral Accessory - 5613Hair Floral Accessory - 5613
Flower Ballet Bun Wreath - 5614Flower Ballet Bun Wreath - 5614
Hair Floral Wreath - 760Hair Floral Wreath - 760
Gold Sequin Sparkle Crown - N11089G
Sparkly Sequin Bunny Crown - N11388GSparkly Sequin Bunny Crown - N11388G
Miss Melody Scrunchie BANDANA - 0012424Miss Melody Scrunchie BANDANA - 0012424
TOPModel Hair Chalk Set BEAUTY and ME - 0012826TOPModel Hair Chalk Set BEAUTY and ME - 0012826
TOPModel Curling Set BEAUTY and ME - 0012827TOPModel Curling Set BEAUTY and ME - 0012827
Princess Mimi Elastic Hairband Set Cat - 0012658Princess Mimi Elastic Hairband Set Cat - 0012658