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Article: Midland Drama Schools

Midland Drama Schools

Midland Drama Schools

Midland Drama Schools takes a practical and balanced approach that allows students of all abilities to enjoy themselves and be educated without false expectations or demands being placed on them.

Drama school students who attend our classes after school benefit from exercise, recreation and enjoyment , and all who attend are given the attention they deserve.

Midland Drama Schools are meeting places where students aged 3yrs to 18yrs can socialise together while learning a variety of performing art forms in a professional environment we also support students and assist them in their growth and development.





Uniform List:


Kinder and Juniors 

Leotard: Chloe Pink  or Freya Pink 

Skirt: Pskirte Pink (only needed if you purchased the Chloe)

Tights: TS 73 Pink

Shoes: SD 69 Pink 




Leotard: Chloe Marine Blue or Freya Marine Blue

Skirt: Pskirt Marine  (only needed if you purchased the Chloe)

Tights: TS 73 Pink or TS 74 Pink

Shoes: SD 69 Pink  or SD 69L




Leotard: Prim Lilac

Skirt: Matilda Lilac

Tights: TS 73 Pink or TS 74 Pink

Shoes: SD 69 Pink  or SD 69L

X/O PULSARA : Lilac 


Boys Junior 

Tee: PBTee White  or Aaron  

Shorts: PB shorts Navy 

Shoes: Full Sole Leather White SD 69s or SD 69L


Boys Senior 

Leotard: Aaron 

Choice of Jazz Pants or R317P 

Shoes: Full Sole Leather White SD 69L

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