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Pointe Shoe Paste Hardener - 1561

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Pointe Shoe Paste Hardener

Extend the life of your pointe shoes and maintain their perfect shape with the Suffolk Pointe Shoe Paste Hardener. This quick-drying formula is specifically designed to strengthen and reinforce your pointe shoes, providing the support and durability needed for optimal performance.

How to Use Hardener:

  1. Prepare the Shoes: Ensure your pointe shoes are clean and dry before application.
  2. Apply the Paste: Using the precision tip, apply a small amount of paste hardener to the areas needing reinforcement, such as the toe box or shank. When applying the hardner to pointe shoes, dancers can feel the shoe heat up due to the chemical reaction of the hardener working.
  3. Allow to Dry: Let the paste dry completely before wearing your shoes. The quick-drying formula ensures this process is fast and efficient. ( sets in 30 seconds, and cures completely in 24 hours)


  • Size: 1 oz (28.4g)
  • Ingredients: Contains Cyanoacrylate (bonds skin instantly, eye and respiratory irritant)
  • Warning: Use with caution; follow instructions on the back label for safe use.

Style: SUF-1561

Pointe Shoe Paste Hardener - 1561
Pointe Shoe Paste Hardener - 1561 Sale price€12,50