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Balance Board - 1593

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Balance Board - improve balance and core strength

Enhance your balance, strength, and stability with the Suffolk Balance Board. Specifically designed for dancers, this balance board is an essential tool for improving core strength, ankle stability, and overall body control, helping you to perfect your dance technique and performance.

How to use balance board:

  • For Balance Training: Stand on the balance board with both feet and try to maintain your balance. Gradually progress to single-leg stands to increase the challenge.
  • For Core Strength: Incorporate the balance board into your plank exercises to engage your core muscles more intensely.
  • For Ankle Stability: Perform ankle stability exercises by standing on the board and shifting your weight from side to side, forwards, and backwards.


  • Material: High-quality wood with a non-slip top layer
  • Dimensions: Compact and portable size for easy storage and transport - Diameter is 16 inches.

Style: SUF-1593

Balance Board - 1593
Balance Board - 1593 Sale price€45,00